Vendor Management
For organizations which employ temporary workers on a regular basis, knowing which companies to go to, for which positions, in which locations can be a daunting task.  Often they are at the whim of whichever of their managers has the need and their corresponding spend authority.  Through our network of proven suppliers, BVMP will fill all of your temporary positions, without compromising the integrity of the process.  Call us today so that you can learn how our proven model provides the best service in the industry to some of the world’s leading organizations.

Technology Review and Installation
There are many technologies in the vendor management space, some good, some great.  With a proven track record of managing the selection process from the decision to “go” to the first invoice, BVMP can help you manage and run the effort to institute the very best fit for your organization.

On-boarding Strategy
When it comes to temporary labor, whether it’s your warehouse or your IT department, ensuring the people brought in to complete the work have been fully cleared to do so ensures a safe environment for everyone. Background screens, licensure and education verification, credit checks, non-disclosure agreements – we work with each of our clients to devise a comprehensive on-boarding strategy for all of these areas.

Data Analysis

Beyond the cost savings of a truly competitive environment, risk mitigation, invoice clarity and repeatable processes, companies institute vendor management services and systems so that they can get a clear picture of their spend and learn more about their business. Who hired whom, at what cost, how frequently? Which suppliers hit the mark, came close, or missed it completely? Our Analysts are among the world leaders when it comes to providing that data in a concise, clear format company leaders can use to drive your business in the right direction.

1099 Compliance Management
As the uncertainty surrounding many independent contractors (ICs or 1099s) due to increased governmental scrutiny increases, one thing is clear:  large organizations need to take action now in ensuring their IC populations are compliant or risk back payroll taxes, hefty fines, etc.  BVMP’s legal team will review each IC in your organization against the IRS guidelines to ensure legal compliance.
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